Eye problems in hamsters

Eye problems in hamsters 2022-11-06

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The attached vet article gives information on various hamster eye ailments, including Exopthalmia (when the hamsters eye or eyes are bulging out more than they should be. There are a number of causes for Exopthalmia, one of which is squeezing a hamster too firmly, and another is scruffying the hamster inappropriately. So scruffing is not recommended unless you really know what you're doing (eg have been shown by a vet how to do it) and it's essential to do so. In fact many vets now will not scruff hamsters and prefer to examine them in other ways or use mild sedation.

Any eye condition in a hamster can be serious. Whilst there are minor eye ailments like conjunctivitis, that can be easily treated, any bulging of the eye is usually serious and can also be extremely painful for the hamster. With a younger hamster, if the eye is protruding, the treatment is often removal of the eye, which is then stitched up. To avoid the pain and risk of infection and worsening of the condition. Hamsters can manage perfectly well with one eye. With an older hamster it will very much depend on their age and condition as to whether surgery is appropriate.

Any eye condition should always be looked at by a vet promptly, and any protruding eye is an emergency.

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