Hamster Balls

Hamster Balls 2023-01-04

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Hamster balls are no longer considered safe or suitable for hamsters and shouldn't be used as a form of exercise or for out of cage time. Information from the main three pet charities in the Uk (The Blue Cross, the pdsa and the RSPCA) confirms what has been a commonly held view for some time.

Attached is the RSPCA Information leaflet stating that Hamster Balls are not recommended. (Click on the Download button top right). They present many hazards and some people consider it could be a stressful experience for the hamster. Hamster balls have never been suitable for dwarf hamsters - their toes can get trapped and they are easily stressed. They have never been large enough for Syrian hamsters - other than rat balls, which have large slits and are also a risk for toes getting trapped. But apparently rat balls are no longer considered safe or good for rats either.

Sectioning off a safe area of floor space for out of cage exercise, or using a playpen with a wheel in it, is a healthier, safer option.
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